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New Jah Garvey singles comming out soon ft.Kiri.
New tracks also from Thrillout and Da FuchaMan/keep watching this space.

Posted: 1st Nov 2014 | Contact



To all of my fans look out for new releases of my music this year 2014. I would like to encourage you to be ever positive, strong and focus towards your goals, do the work and make it happen....

Seek Jah first in everything you do.

Posted: 25th Jan 2014 | Contact


Top  Performance at the Queenshead Pub, Easton

Performing on my first gig for the new year at the Queenshead Pub, based in Easton, Bristol. I really enjoyed performing alongside Raphel and Norris B. Also good musical support by Flora and his crew. My next gig is booked to perform at the Kuumba Community Centre Ltd. alongside Jimmy London on the 28th Feburary 2014.

Posted: 11th Jan 2014 | Contact